What to do

We gathered  just some of the possibilities, there are multiple more, info can be provided and we will be happy to help and inform.

Toulouse, capital of the department. The “pink city”, cut in two by the river Garonne. Absolutely worth a visit ! (70 km)

Auch : City of d’Artagnan (the 4th musketeer). Splendidly situated on a hill, with beautiful views; Small winding streets with medieval character, with many little restaurants and  Café’s . (50 km)

Lourdes; a pilgrimage, must.

Bagneres de Luchon is a former Spa. It is a little mountaintown, very friendly family friendly. Looks like a mundane resort with pleasant boulevards with little shops and welcoming bars and restaurants. Magnificent place for wintersport, with Superbagnères somewhat further. As well, during summermonths one can use the funicular to go up-mountain and enjoy the beautiful views, or ‘downhill’ from there with your mountainbikes. (70 km)

Pic du Midi  Spectacular spot and observatory, worth a visit, Going up to 2800 mtr ( 9200 ft) by 2 funiculars, from here  you have the most spectacular overview of the Pyrenee Mountainsin a 360° angle! (before you go better inform concerning weather and clouds.

Another possibility is to drive by car a certain distance and walk up-mountain the last part. (80 km)


Spanje : 85 km….Val d’Aran. Beautiful again. The little mountainvillage of Bossòst, with nice restaurants and nice shops, hiking facilities, and  the nearby town of Vielha, ski resort in wintertime and hiking -shopping place in summertime. Due to low taxes the food,  beverages and fuel are way cheaper then in France.

Tourmalet, Aspin, Peyresourde, Port de Bales

are the most spectacular “cols” of theTour de France. For sure worth a trip, even just for the great views.  (80 km)

Airbus famous and located in Toulouse. Enjoy a guided tour and have a look at the place where world largest passenger plane is constructed and . (70 km)

Sailing the Canoe is possible in various lacations in the Save (local river) region. For information visit the local tourist board.

Several caves can be visited in the larger area as well. (55 km)

France is known for it’s local markets. A link to markets and “vide greniers” under the tab ‘information’, the ‘links’

Every village or town has his own ‘marché’. Famous one is the Samatan market on Monday morning. Local L’Isle-en-Dodon market and the pittoresque St. Girons (85km) one on saturday morning, Lannemezan (50km) on the plateau of Lannemezan and Boulogne sur Gesse (22km) both on wednesday morning(7-15 hr). Just as the Samatan market many vendors of all region of the Comminges are gathered here on a lively market.

In the neighbourhood of the former Ferme Lacase one can find ‘reservoirs’ with swimming possibility.

Swimming : In the village of Dodon we have a guarded pool and a gaurded pool for children.

Shop for food:  In the village we have several good bakeries, a supermarket, bars, restaurants with local specialities, pizzerias. Quality is offered.

Medical doctors, a well equipped pharmacy with capable employees, dentists are available..

The area of the Haute Garonne and the Gers isn’t (luckily) yet discovered by mass tourism, a rural area of farmers, breeders of sheep and cattle, cheesemakers etc, and  herefore  an excellent place to come on holiday for those who want some peace, like hiking, submerge in local life.

The Pyrenees mountains are at just an hour distance.  From the garden you see a glimpse of some of its tops, from only a couple of minutes walk a wider and beautiful view. Beautiful hiking trails, hundreds of lakes.

Absolutely worth for those who like to hike

Good food, very important. Most important. We can gice you advice of where to go, ask Johan. (10 meter)